Edward A. Meyer 
Computer Scientist, System Analyst 


Founder of Gliq.Info

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This page was created in Microsoft Word 2013 using my latest invention…


OWASA – ‘Open With and Save As’


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All you have to do is open one of my templates and save it whatever filename you like. It automatically saves as an .html. It works on all versions of MS Word and it will NOT disaffect your MS Word App. I mention this because I had to invent a way of using MS Word without having to replace my ‘normal.docx’ file or running an official app published by Microsoft to rest my copy of MS Word to original settings.


After testing my system by creating more than 3000 webpages, there was never a single failure. And for those who visit my Cancer Links page, you will find a way to use my Gliq Search Engine that will enable you to use your favorite search engine without any of characters that the search engine companies use to track you. (Gliq’s method will result in the same way that you will find in your local library!)



Current Project:   


‘Food-for-the-Cure’ Cancer Links for My Friends and Family


Aug 21, 2016 – My Mother’s 28th Anniversary in God’s Care



‘Food for the Cure’ is not something new. It been in existence far, far longer than most people know. Certainly hundreds, and quite possibly thousands of years. “Alternative Medicine” as it is called, is becoming more widely known and accepted. And I have a story to tell…


Two years ago, my urologist told me that my PSA was 12.0. I asked him what it should be, and he replied “6.” As it was, one of my sisters was treated for uterine cancer. As soon as I found out, I went to the Internet to see what I could find I’m still doing it and found something quite remarkable… You will see it in the webpage.


Well, my sister was too distraught with her condition and was adamant that she did not want any part of it. (Luckily, she later found a nutritionist who specializes in nutrition for cancer patients.) Well, there I was with all this information and a PSA of twice what it should be. My simple question was…


“Why do I have to wait until I have cancer before I do the ‘Food for the Cure’ (diet, exercise and a LOT of Vitamin C!) So I had no trouble whatsoever adapting to my diet (which enhanced my desire to exercise more). Well, my last PSA result was 7.9. That’s not enough to ‘go public’ quite yet. But my friends and family shouldn’t be deprived of my methods and success. I’m not ready to reveal my diet quite yet, but the ‘Cancer Links’ are now available. There are those who requested and now have it. So today I’m putting it on my website. Feel free to share it with your friends and loved ones.



Previous Projects:   


Google Chromebook - Most Secure of All?

As a mainframer on one of the most secure servers in the world, I learned the secret to the security system which was used by used by leading banks and stock exchanges. The Tandem Computer Company (now owned by Hewlett Packard) got it right. And Google's security system is remarkably similar...
    -    webpage


Is There a Medical Miracle in Progress?



My doctor seems to think so. One of the authors of this book and I have something in common. And it is a medical miracle that is now going mainstream.     





  Secure Data Transfer Systems
For Small Office Home Office



Visit Gliq - Encryption Security Protection




Simplifying Internet Searches for Local Interests



Gliq.Info was the First search engine that was dedicated to local interests.

I couldn't find my pharmacy's phone number on the Internet.

So I invented…


The Global Local Internet Queue - Gliq.info

In the Fall of 2004, I put together a consortium of web designers and shortly thereafter, contacted a small search engine company. They loved the idea, by December, I received a call from them saying it was a no-go. They were VERY interested in my reaction.

I got the message! I was too small for this idea. By February 2005, Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL started putting out their versions. Google and Yahoo had no trouble, but MSN's search engine couldn't handle the job. They had to create 'Bing' in order to get theirs done. AOL couldn't handle it at all, so they use a service provided by Google!


My reply was in gest as I replied, yeah, I figured that. Then, to thank them for their interest, I simply replied…


Don’t worry about it. All I ever wanted to do was create


‘The Mini-Golfers Association’


Then I heard laughter in the background. There were about three or four of them there. Maybe one day I’ll do that, and my search engine will be perfect for the job!






Currently:            Founder & Director of Services

                                Long Island, NY       -  webpage

Previously:            System Analyst

                                US DOT/FAA NY FSDPS & Lockheed Martin
                                Ronkonkoma, NY  ;

                            Air Traffic Control Specialist

                                Lockheed Martin DCA AFSS Hub
                                Ashburn, VA 

                            Air Traffic Control Specialist

                                NY TRACON
                                Garden City, NY 

                                La Guardia Air Traffic Control Tower
                                Flushing, NY

                                NY Automated/International Flight Service Station
                                Ronkonkoma, NY 

                            Manager, Aircraft Ramp & Loading

                                Air France
                                Kennedy International Airport
                                 Queens, NY

                            Pilot - Flight Instructor – Flight Engineer

                                FAA Certified Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
                                FAA Certified Flight Engineer/Turbojet Powered (B707)
                                FAA Certified Flight Instructor
                                3,145 Hours Total Flying Time


                            Bachelor of Science, Management

                            St. John's University, College of Business Administration 
                            Queens, NY

                            Jesuit Provincial Academic Diploma

                            The Brooklyn Preparatory High School 
                            Brooklyn, NY

                            Music Composition

                            Tribute to Shoeless Joe Jackson - Chicago White Sox:
Shoeless Joe - The Music (piano)
                                                                          -  webpage

                            Garage Band (Piano) (Dan Meyer on Bass Guitar)

The Crash Band
                                                                          -  webpage

                            Baseball Coach (for players up to 14 years old)
Dan Meyer - Pitcher/Infiedler
                            Nassau County Championship 2002

                                                                          -  webpage